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From true crime & paranormal encounters to cryptozoological cases, historical mysteries & scientific enigmas nothing is off limits when you enter the World of Straight Up Strange.

The Lineup

The Mad Scientist Podcast

The Mad Scientist PodcastBlurb: The Mad Scientist Podcast is a show about the science, philosophy, and history of scientific, philosophical, pseudoscientific, and otherwise weird claims. Hosted by Christopher Cogswell and Marie Mayhew, the show delves deep into serious and funny topics with a mix of in depth, well researched episodes on a variety of topics and interviews with leading figures in the field.

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The Morbid Curiosity Podcast

The Morbid Curiosity Podcast is a must-hear podcast for the morbidly curious. Each episode contains a thoroughly researched dive into the creepy and mysterious. Join our host Hallie as she discusses dark, unsolved or disturbing topics, their history and the theories behind why we find them interesting. From serial killers to ghosts, ancient remains to obscure medical conditions, let us satisfy your curiosity.

Hallie is currently on maternity leave, so episodes will be less frequent until late 2021

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Welcome to The Asian Tapestry. a podcast about myths, legends and lore from Asia. I am your host Theshira Pather and I look at all sorts of fables about animals, people and nature, as well as ancient epics or sagas, such as the Sanskrit epic the Mahabharata from ancient India, the renowned Babylonian Epic of GilgameshThe Rustem Saga, a Persian epic, and so many more. In this podcast, I retell these tales in my own style while attempting to recapture the magic from the original stories. You will hear about mighty warriors and brave women, you will hear the story of the clever cat who saved a princess or the tale of the enchanted tree which cannot be felled, but you will also hear of darker tales: the spirit of a woman eternally grieving, a mass of skeletons at the bottom of a lake and the blood-soaked ground upon which demons dance in the night. Join me on a journey across blazing deserts and snowy mountains, lush forests and roaring rivers as we dive into the Book of Fables and immerse ourselves in the magic of Asia. Welcome…to the Asian Tapestry.



Email: theasiantapestrypod@gmail.com


Welcome to Legendary Africa, a South African podcast where we take you on a sometimes spooky, sometimes trippy, and always hilarious adventure through the world of African myth, legend and lore. Sisters Theshira and Rashalia regale you with tales from all over the continent, both ancient and modern. After Rashalia passed away in July 2020, Theshira now continues on alone with her sister as the angel on her shoulder. Join her as she wades through the diverse lore of Africa. Stay safe, stay sexy…and stay legendary!

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Nikolaus Cox, Archeologist

Nikolaus Hochstein Cox is an archaeologist, artist, author and adventurer. After completing his Undergraduate in politics and international relations in New Zealand he worked as a foreign
correspondent for a tourism magazine in La Paz, Bolivia. During his time in South America, he experienced many incredible cultural and ecological phenomena in places ranging from the Andes to
the Amazon, some of which would blur his understanding of the borders between fact and fantasy, and all of which would determine his later career. After leaving Bolivia he studied his Masters in
archaeology at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.
Since graduating in 2017, Nik has continued to work in archaeology for various universities and institutions, and in 2020 was able to lead his first-ever privately organized expedition to Kolombangara Island in the Solomon Islands in search of Imperial Japanese Second World War relics (and also, secretly, a population of jungle-dwelling hairy hominids). The onset of the pandemic has seen Nik, a perpetual worrier, avoid most social interactions and dedicate his time to writing and illustrating books on archaeology (and also space science fiction), working on his art (it’s mainly of dinosaurs, but he is eager to emphasize that archaeologists do not dig up dinosaurs), and getting
really into podcasting about all the stuff Cambridge said wasn’t accurate-enough to put into his thesis. Nik likes good coffee and bad adventure fiction. He lives with his fiancée and dog in a rotating
roster of AirBnBs.



ParaReality is an hour long podcast that explores paranormal topics and issues such as ghosts, spirits, hauntings, UFOs, aliens, the occult, cryptids, conspiracy theories and more. 

The mysterious host, known only as “Sandman,” is a former U.S. Government contractor who held a Top Secret clearance. He has seen things that he is unable to discuss, thanks to his time working there. Whenever he was 10 years old, he had his first paranormal experience and has been on a quest to understand the supernatural ever since.  He is a paranormal researcher and explorer and has investigated Waverly Hills Sanitorium, the Jerome Grand Hotel, and Dead Children’s Playground, just to name a few. He has also investigated haunted cemeteries in Hawaii and Tennessee and once went to the El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico to hunt the legendary Chupacabra! 

In 2004, he began the ParaReality Podcast on the Live365 Internet Radio Network and his podcast held the #1 position for its genre for four straight years. He also hosted his own traditional radio talk show on WRFN in Pasquo, TN for over two years. In 2013, he won the award for Best Ghost Hunting Radio Show of the Year at The Paranormal Awards.



Kevin has been drawing for most of his life, and has been offering his services as a freelance illustrator for the past few years. Inspired by the macabre and esoteric, he works together with his fiancée, Tiffany, to help bring his own visions, along with the visions of others (if they’ll have him) to life. Pudding, their bearded dragon son, supports his parents with his handsomeness daily. Doodlekev Illustrations aims to provide uniquely enigmatic imagery that can satisfy anyone’s appetite for the obscure.




A podcast to explore the unexplained, Straight-Up Enigmas discusses paranormal and supernatural events, as well as true crime, cold cases, and other mysteries. 



Bailie and Cori explore the cases of unsolved murders and unexplained disappearances around the world. They dig deep into the theories surrounding the cases and explore all the evidence. 

Just because it’s unsolved doesn’t mean it deserves to be unexplained.

Unsolved Unexplained 


Spooky Science Sisters is hosted by Paige and Meagan, two scientists and sisters (-in-law) with a love for all things spooky. In this podcast, we bring you a discussion about the possible scientific explanations behind the supernatural, from ghosts to aliens to cryptids and more. So, put on your skeptical thinking caps and join us every other week for some creepy conversation and lots of laughter.

Spooky Science Sisters


a UK-based weekly magazine programme carrying news, interviews and comment from the twilight world of ghosts, magick, folklore, urban myths, witchcraft and the paranormal. The show is hosted by Charles Christian, a Reuters correspondent and barrister turned blogger, radio DJ, award-winning tech journalist and sometime werewolf hunter. Available on all major platforms including iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn, acast & YouTube.

urbanfantasist.com  | omny.fm/shows/weird-tales-radio-show


Hello my name is Oz of the Oddball Aussie podcast, if you enjoy hearing about ufology, the paranormal, cryptids and anything that’s strange or unknown then my show might just be for you. join me for a different topic once a week and a midweek show that’s all about listeners true stories, follow me on twitter @aussieoddball or email theoddballaussie@hotmail.com



Happily Ever Haunted is a paranormal podcast hosted by married couple Bailie (Formerly Co-Host of Boos & Spirits Podcast) and Milton. They are solemnly, devoted to bringing you the tales of the strange and unusual. Those who haunt together, stay together!



Spell Cast is a podcast dedicated to all things witchy, occult, and spiritual. Hosted by Courtney and Aondreiel, Spell Cast seeks to bridge the gap between the Mundane and the Occult by sharing knowledge and welcoming all those who are curious about the worlds of magick, philosophy, art, and higher truth!



“The past is filled with incredible mysteries; the clues to solving them all around; hidden in plain sight. But these stories begin with some of the most famous vanishings in history.”

Join attorney Jennifer Taylor and investigator Chris Williamson as they re-open some of the biggest disappearance cases in all of history. Chasing clues, witnesses and new information Jennifer and Chris will take you on the ride of a lifetime and uncover new evidence in some of the biggest historical cold cases ever; some of which the world won’t be ready to believe. “Vanished” is a ChrisEvan Films production.



A podcast dedicated to exploring the paranormal and hauntings of the past and today in a variety of segments meant to inform while having fun. The Haunting Hour Podcast interacts with fans and listeners through submitted questions, topics and information with no subject too taboo. With a dozen different segments, including Guest Interviews, Demonic Drafts, Would You Rathers, Recent Creepy News, Attractions, and more, no two shows are ever the same!

The Haunting Hour Podcast


Have you ever heard of an 8 foot murderous Otter that has a taste for human blood or a giant worm that can kill you INSTANTLY?!  Well, if you have, that’s awesome.  But if you haven’t, make sure to check out the Monsters N Friends Podcast!  Join host Michael Patrick and his 6 foot Bigfoot friend Barry as they explore the world of the lesser known Cryptids, Legends, & Lores that make our world such an unusual and exciting place.  Each episode the explore one or more creatures and stories that are sure to make you say “Hmm?” 

Monsters N Friends


Did you know the Nazis used occult practices to shape government policy? Did you know a master con artist in the 1920s turned himself into an international celebrity attracting Beatles-sized crowds? Did you know a Polish resistance fighter volunteered to enter Auchwitz as a prisoner to expose its atrocities?In The Can’t Make This Up History Podcast, your host Kevin sits down with academic historians, bestselling authors, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists to discuss the strangest, most interesting, and most unusual stories from the past.

Can’t Make This Up History Podcast 


Cryptid Campfire is a podcast that explores the strange and unusual creatures that lurk in the shadows. From Bigfoot to Chupacabras we gather around a virtual campfire every week to talk about the beasts and monsters that share our planet. Hosted by enigma explorer, Eli Watson, puppet master of conspiracies, Alex Daikaiju, skeptical anomalist, Jasmine With and alien hunter, Steffen Myers, the Campfire is dedicated to searching the back alleys and abandoned railroad tracks of the world to bring you the strangest stories ever told around a campfire.

Cryptid Campfire


Hang out with your hosts Kyle and Steve as they dive into all aspects of conspiracies and the paranormal. Share your experiences with the show as well. Have you seen a ghost? Been possessed by a demon? Abducted by aliens? Are you a government whistleblower? From a different dimension? A time traveler? Seen a Sasquatch? We want to hear about it. So stop by, hang out, and get weird with us here at the Holosky Podcast. 

Holosky Podcast


Small Town Secrets is about the secrets and mysteries that haunt small town across the globe.  These tales may be hauntings, cryptids, beings from other worlds, true crime or even just weird history.  Join Fred every other week as he tells these stories as well as the local headlines and your own small town secrets.  Every town has a secret, what is yours?Small Town Secrets Podcast


Mysteries and Monsters is a conversational podcast featuring guests from all over the globe from across the worlds of the paranormal, cryptozoology, ufology and the fortean. From Bigfoot, to Lake Monsters, Poltergeists to Alien Abduction, some of the most famous and well known investigators, authors and experiencers discuss compelling cases from across the world.

Mysteries & Monsters


Hosted by Space Physicist Chris Birkinbine, A Dash of Science is a podcast where we discuss science, engineering, technology, education and even history through the lens of science and logic in a way that everyone can participate and understand.

Often times we bring in experts in the field of interest to discuss with us to help get the right information to you!

Currently Dash Of Science is on Hiatus – listen to the entire backlog of episodes while we eagerly anticipate the return of Dash of Science! 


Dreams can be a lonely and isolating experience – and sometimes outright terrifying! Yet we all dream and there’s so much we can learn by sharing our experiences (especially when combined with a little research!). All Things Dreams delves into weird dreams, scary dreams, fun dreams, common dream themes, lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, and so much more! We do this by sharing personal experiences, researching as much as possible, and then filling in the blanks with our imagination! Host Meranda McLaughlin isn’t an expert in dream interpretation, but she gains more and more subject matter knowledge with each new episode. Tune in for some dream education and hopefully a laugh or two along the way!




Most people think nothing ever happens in Canada but this simply is not true. This is a Canadian podcast, looking to explore the myths, legends and just truly good old tales Canada has to tell. Choose your own adventure now and join me in discovering some of Canada’s most unique stories. 



Christina (AKA The Huntress Witch) is an artist/graphic designer/Witch who likes creepy cute things, the paranormal and is obsessed with anything cryptids. She resides in the Wilds of Pennsylvania where Bigfoot may or may not be lurking in the mountains. Christina is an aspiring surface pattern designer and has many of her designs on her site, thecrescenthare.com, with new designs being added weekly.  She can be contacted for commissions through her website or instagram.


On Forgotten Darkness, host Andrew Gable looks through old newspaper accounts and other media sources to dredge up stories of the mysterious.  Whether you’re interested in true crime, the paranormal, or just an interesting story, they’re all to be found here.. on Forgotten darkness podcast.



An entertaining, booze fueled, informative podcast about lesser known monsters, cryptids, creatures, and general folklore from around the world. Pour a drink and join us!



This all started out as an obsession with the Forteana and a yearning to share my knowledge.  After spending countless nights and hours talking to anyone who would listen, my friends and family suggested I start my own podcast.  That is when I decided to take this one man show to the road, well actually, the airwaves and share my interests with like-minded people.  Just like that, Obscure Anomalies was born.  Join me as we journey through the unknown, the unexplained, and the unexplored mysteries of the world.  #jointheobscure.



Into The Portal is a podcast dedicated to researching the unknown, unexplained and straight up strange. Whether it’s ancient lost cities, encounters with paranormal phenomena or anything within the realm of the bizarre, we want to share these mysteries with the world. Hosted by Amber Rae and Andrew Mckay, ITP’s mission is to bring to light incredible stories many people may otherwise never hear about.

The name Into The Portal derives from the idea of attempting to view the unexplained through an alternate lens. It’s about being open to new possibilities and reorienting our own perspective to better understand the unknowable, find the lost, and piece together the unexplained.


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