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Those who Haunt Together - Stay Together!

One half of Booze & Spirits (RIP!) Podcast has taken the plunge into marital podcasting with her beloved co-host and partner in life, Milton!

Join these two lovable spooks as they talk all things strange every Wednesday evening! Check out the latest podcast, where Bailie tackles the horrors of Waverly Hills Sanatorium while Milton take a trip to the spooky St. Augustine Lighthouse of Florida! 

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Art Commissions OPEN with Doodlekev Illustrations!

The Straight Up Strange Network is more than just a Podcast Network - its a haven for talented creators like Doodlekev Illustrations! Channeling his unique artistic style that incorporates highly detailed pointillism, Kevin has been creating art inspired by all matters of high strangeness since he can remember. Doodlekev is also the genius behind our Forest Creature Sasquatch!

Check out his wicked lineup of designs by clicking the button below. You can also contact Kevin to commission your own custom masterpiece!

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Join in a Paranormal Adventure with Oddball Oz!

Oddball Aussie is off on another Cryptozoological adventure to uncover the mystery of the Abominable Snowman! Check out this Two Part Series all about everyone's favourite monster, the Yeti! Is it an ape man, relic human, or simply a person who has decided to live as a nomadic hermit? 

Oz also looks into the expeditions that became incredibly popular in the 50’s as adventurers attempted to find out what the mountains of the Himalayas were ultimately hiding.

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The Five Panel

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